So Windows 10 has started lagging considerably at random points in time, usually lasts a minute or two, then continues on.

There are hundreds of different solutions online, with varying levels of difficulty. As I try them, I'll post the instructions and results here. Sadly, Microsoft hasn't been of any help, at all on this one.

  1. Turn off Fast Startup - Didn't Work
    1. Right click on your start button
    2. Choose Power Options
    3. On the left, click "Choose what the power button does"
    4. Click "Change settings that are currently unavailable"
    5. Un-tick "Turn on fast startup (Recommended)"
    6. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom
  2. Disable all but necessary startup apps - Didn't Work
    1. Right click your taskbar
    2. Click "Task Manager"
    3. Goto the Startup tab
    4. Disable everything except your antivirus (and any other apps NECESSARY for the operation of the computer)
    5. Reboot
  3. Disable all sound effects - Didn't Work
    1. Right click your speaker icon in the task tray near the clock
    2. Click "Playback devices"
    3. Double Click "Speakers"
    4. Go To the Enhancements tab
    5. Tick "Disable all sound effects"
    6. Click OK twice to save changes and exit
  4. Disconnect all USB devices - Still Testing
    1. Basically, if it's USB, unplug it
    2. If your mouse or keyboard are USB, I'd suggest opening task manager, click the CPU heading to sort the list by CPU usage, so the highest user is at the top of the list, then scroll to the top. When System Interrupts starts consuming your CPU, it will move to the top of the list. During this period, you can then unplug all USB devices including your mouse and still have a visible representation so you can see if the problem goes away.