This is a major problem I've encountered while attempting to install the free Windows 10 Upgrade offer on a Toshiba C50A series notebook computer. What should be an easy, routine update fails for no apparent reason. The failure code 0x8007002 apparently has no real solution or troubleshooting steps. There are so many variants of this error message, but apparently no solid fix for the issue and next to no information from Microsoft (except to try using the media creation tool, or to make major changes to the hard drive by converting it from MBR to GPT, this will be a last resort).

Basically, the installation proceeds perfectly fine until the final 5% of installation, where it starts rolling back to Windows 8.1. After which a box pops up explaining that setup failed at the PRE_OOBE stage. Here are the steps I've taken to resolve the issue.

  1. Upgrade from via Windows Update - Failed
  2. Upgrade from DVD made with the Windows Media Creation tool - Failed
  3. Run the Windows Update troubleshooter to repair Windows Update - Repaired Windows Update, Windows 10 Upgrade still failed
  4. CHKDSK /F run on each drive in the computer - Failed
  5. SFC /SCANNOW run on Windows drive - Failed
  6. Updated BIOS to latest spec - Failed
  7. Updated all drivers - Failed
  8. While re-attempting the upgrade from the DVD, checked the box to download updates first - Failed, but nearly doubled the time wasted on the attempt. And I don't mean just the download time, each and every part of the installation took double the time of previous attempts. I would suggest ignoring this check box. Do the updates automatically after 10 is finally installed and operational.
  9. Fought Windows 8.1 for access to the BIOS, disabled "Secure Boot" - Failed
  10. Disable UEFI boot setting in BIOS - Failed On a side note, changing from UEFI to CSM was a bad idea. As soon as the BIOS had saved and exited, the built in LCD display went dark. Not even back lit. As it turns out, running this laptop in CSM mode (even with BIOS v1.4) you can't get anything to display after a reboot, unless you completely power down the machine, pull the battery, pull the charger and try again.
  11. Fresh, clean install of Windows 10 - Semi Successful - Do NOT attempt if you haven't already upgraded a prior version of windows!!! - A clean install of Windows 10 after completely erasing all partitions worked, Windows 10 installed and booted just fine, it didn't even take long. BUT you can't upgrade to 10 this way. You MUST perform the upgrade from within a previous version of Windows, otherwise your product key will NOT work, 10 will say the product key has been blocked.
  12. Fresh, clean install of Windows 8, followed by immediate upgrade to 10 -


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